Zinza Round playwood Cake Stand with Acrylic Dome


Zinza Round playwood Cake Stand with Acrylic Dome

This cake stand with acrylic dome is perfect for displaying and protecting your desserts at weddings or other events.

Cake Making Container

This container is ideal for making and storing cakes, keeping them fresh and protected.

Dessert Bread Plate

A vintage-style plate for serving dessert bread, adding a touch of elegance to your table setting.

Vintage Wedding Pastry Tray

Enhance the presentation of your wedding pastries with this vintage-style pastry tray.

Cake Pizza Cookie Dessert Serving Platter

A versatile platter for serving a variety of desserts, from cake and pizza to cookies and more.

Plate Dome Protects Food

The acrylic dome on this plate protects your food from dust and other contaminants, keeping it fresh and safe to eat.