Zinc Hex Flange Nuts

Zinc Hex Flange Nuts

Zinc hex flange nuts in various sizes and class 8 steel material, RoHS compliant.

Metric Coarse DIN 6923

These nuts are designed to meet the DIN 6923 standard for metric coarse threads.

ISO 4161 Class 8 Steel

Class 8 steel material ensures high strength and durability for various applications.

Cr+3 RoHS

The nuts are coated with Cr+3 for corrosion resistance and RoHS compliant for environmental safety.

M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12

Available in a wide range of sizes to fit different bolts and screws.

MonsterBolts M8 x 1.25

Specifically designed for M8 bolts with a 1.25 thread pitch, ensuring a secure fit.