Temedon 20pcs Glass Test Tubes

Temedon 20pcs Glass Test Tubes

Temedon 20pcs Glass Test Tubes

Are you looking for versatile glass test tubes for your various needs? Look no further! Temedon offers a set of 20pcs of 25脳200mm(80ml) round bottom glass test tubes with cork stoppers. These test tubes are perfect for a wide range of uses, from storing bath salts and candies to propagating plants.

Main Features

High-Quality Glass

The test tubes are made of high-quality glass, ensuring durability and clarity for easy visibility of the contents.

Round Bottom Design

The round bottom design allows for stable placement on flat surfaces, making them ideal for display and storage.

Cork Stoppers

Each test tube comes with a cork stopper, providing a secure seal to keep the contents fresh and secure.


Bath Salts

Store your favorite bath salts in these glass test tubes for a stylish and convenient way to keep them organized.

Candy Storage

Use the test tubes to store small amounts of candies, perfect for party favors or daily snacking.

Plant Propagation

Propagate plant cuttings in these test tubes, creating a beautiful and functional display for your growing plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the test tubes dishwasher safe?

Yes, the glass test tubes are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Can the cork stoppers be removed easily?

Yes, the cork stoppers can be easily removed and replaced for convenient access to the contents.


With Temedon’s 20pcs glass test tubes, you can enjoy the versatility and functionality of these high-quality, round bottom test tubes for a variety of uses. Whether it’s for storing bath salts, candies, or propagating plants, these test tubes are a must-have for any home or laboratory.