Sinister Diesel Fuel Filter Cap

Sinister Diesel Fuel Filter Cap

The Sinister Diesel Fuel Filter Cap is designed for Ford Powerstroke 2003-2007 6.0L engines, providing a reliable and durable replacement for the stock fuel filter cap.

Quality Construction

This fuel filter cap is constructed from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance and a secure fit.

Easy Installation

With its simple and straightforward installation process, this fuel filter cap can be easily installed without the need for professional assistance.

Improved Performance

By replacing the stock fuel filter cap with the Sinister Diesel version, you can expect improved fuel filtration and overall engine performance.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers who have installed the Sinister Diesel Fuel Filter Cap have reported increased satisfaction with their engine’s performance and reliability.


For Ford Powerstroke 2003-2007 6.0L owners looking for a reliable and high-performance fuel filter cap, the Sinister Diesel option is a top choice.