Rhinegold Leather And Rope Draw Reins-Havana

Rhinegold Leather And Rope Draw Reins-Havana

The Rhinegold Leather And Rope Draw Reins in Havana color are designed to provide effective control and communication with your horse during training sessions.

Benefits of Using Draw Reins

Draw reins can help improve your horse’s head carriage and encourage them to work in a rounder frame.

How to Properly Use Draw Reins

It’s important to adjust draw reins correctly and use them with care to avoid causing discomfort or confusion for your horse.

Common Mistakes When Using Draw Reins

Many riders make the mistake of relying too heavily on draw reins instead of focusing on developing their horse’s natural balance and strength.

Draw Reins vs. Other Training Aids

Draw reins are just one of many tools available for training horses, and it’s important to understand their purpose and limitations.


When used correctly and in moderation, draw reins can be a valuable tool for improving your horse’s training and performance. However, it’s essential to prioritize proper riding and training techniques to achieve long-term success.