LIFE SMILE Serving Set – Fine Porcelain Breakfast Set

LIFE SMILE Serving Set – Fine Porcelain Breakfast Set

LIFE SMILE Serving Set – Fine Porcelain Breakfast Set

Introducing the LIFE SMILE Serving Set, a fine porcelain breakfast set that will bring elegance and functionality to your dining experience. This set includes tea cups with saucers, a tea pot with a warmer, and a canister set with a stand. Made with the highest quality materials, this serving set is designed to enhance your morning routine and impress your guests.

Elegant Flower Design

The LIFE SMILE Serving Set features a stunning flower design that adds a touch of sophistication to your table. The delicate petals and vibrant colors create a beautiful visual appeal, making every meal feel like a special occasion. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet breakfast alone or hosting a brunch with friends, this serving set will elevate your dining experience.

Dishwasher Safe and Non-Toxic

We understand the importance of convenience and safety in your kitchen. That’s why the LIFE SMILE Serving Set is dishwasher safe, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, this set is made with non-toxic materials, ensuring that your food and beverages are safe for consumption. You can enjoy your breakfast without worrying about harmful chemicals or substances.

Tea Cups with Saucers

The tea cups in this serving set are designed with comfort and style in mind. The ergonomic handles provide a secure grip, while the saucers prevent any spills or messes. Sip your favorite tea or coffee in these elegant cups and start your day with a touch of luxury.

Tea Pot with Warmer

Enjoy a hot cup of tea throughout your breakfast with the tea pot and warmer included in this set. The tea pot is designed to keep your tea at the perfect temperature, while the warmer ensures that it stays warm for longer periods of time. Say goodbye to cold tea and hello to a delightful morning ritual.

Canister Set with Stand

Keep your tea, coffee, sugar, and other essentials organized with the canister set and stand. The stand provides a stylish and convenient storage solution, allowing you to easily access your favorite ingredients. The canisters are designed to keep your ingredients fresh and protected, ensuring that every cup of tea is full of flavor.

  • High-quality fine porcelain
  • Elegant flower design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Tea cups with saucers
  • Tea pot with warmer
  • Canister set with stand

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the serving set microwave safe?

No, the serving set is not microwave safe. The fine porcelain material is not suitable for use in the microwave.

Can I use the tea cups without the saucers?

Yes, the tea cups can be used without the saucers. The saucers are included for added convenience and to prevent any spills or messes.

How many cups of tea can the tea pot hold?

The tea pot can hold approximately 4 cups of tea, making it perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying multiple cups throughout the day.


Elevate your breakfast experience with the LIFE SMILE Serving Set. This fine porcelain breakfast set includes tea cups with saucers, a tea pot with a warmer, and a canister set with a stand. With its elegant flower design, dishwasher safe and non-toxic materials, this serving set combines style and functionality. Start your day with a touch of luxury and enjoy the perfect cup of tea every morning.