IDEALUXGlass Storage Jar


IDEALUXGlass Storage Jar

This glass storage jar comes with an airtight seal bamboo lid, perfect for storing coffee beans and kitchen food. Set of 2, each jar holds 25 ounces (750ml).

Airtight Seal

The bamboo lid provides an airtight seal, keeping your coffee beans and kitchen food fresh for longer.

High-Quality Glass

Made of high-quality glass, these storage jars are durable and transparent, allowing you to easily see the contents.


Not just for coffee beans, these jars are also great for storing a variety of kitchen ingredients such as sugar, flour, and more.

Stylish Design

The sleek design and bamboo lid make these storage jars a stylish addition to any kitchen.


The IDEALUXGlass Storage Jar is a versatile and stylish way to store your kitchen essentials, keeping them fresh and easily accessible.