HIZLJJ Baby Sofa


HIZLJJ Baby Sofa

This baby sofa is designed to support infants as they learn to sit and play. It is suitable for infants aged 3-16 months and is made of soft plush material for comfort.

Infant Support Seat

The infant support seat provides a safe and comfortable place for babies to sit and play. It helps them develop their sitting skills and independence.

Learning Sitting Pillow Chair

This pillow chair is designed to help infants learn how to sit on their own. It provides support and stability as they develop this important skill.

Cushion Bouncer Feeding Pillows

The cushion bouncer feeding pillows provide a soft and comfortable place for infants to rest and feed. They are designed to promote proper feeding posture.

Soft Plush Floor Toy Seats

These soft plush floor toy seats are perfect for playtime and exploration. They provide a safe and comfortable space for infants to play and learn.

Suitable for Play 3-16 Month Infants

This baby sofa is suitable for infants aged 3-16 months, making it a versatile and long-lasting addition to your child’s playtime and development.