Epson LQ-690 Dot Matrix Printer

Epson LQ-690 Dot Matrix Printer

The Epson LQ-690 is a dot matrix printer with a high-speed draft and low noise mode, suitable for various printing needs. It comes with a bi-directional parallel interface and USB 2.0 Full Speed for easy connectivity.

LQ-690 Specification

The LQ-690 has a print method of impact dot matrix with 24 pins and 106 columns. It supports various control codes such as ESC/P and IBM PPDS emulation, and has a ribbon life of 10 million characters.

Print Speed and Noise Level

With a high-speed draft of 440 cps at 10 cpi, draft 330 cps at 10 cpi, and LQ 110 cps at 10 cpi, the LQ-690 offers efficient printing. It also operates at a low noise level of 54 dB(A) in low noise mode.

Reliability and Electrical Specification

The printer has a reliability MTBF of 20000 POH and a print head life of 400 million strokes/pin. It is rated for AC 220 to 240 V and comes with proper safe packaging for added protection.

Control Panel and Interface

The LQ-690 features a control panel with various functions such as font, pause, tear off, and load/eject. It also has a bi-directional parallel interface and supports IEEE-1284 nibble mode.

Ribbon Cartridge and Colour

The printer uses a black fabric ribbon cartridge and comes in a sleek grey color, making it a stylish addition to any workspace.