CamperKids Kids’ Mira Sandal

CamperKids Kids’ Mira Sandal

The CamperKids Kids’ Mira Sandal is a comfortable and stylish slip-on sandal for kids.

K800115 Slip-on

This slip-on sandal is easy for kids to put on and take off, making it perfect for active children.

Comfortable Design

The Mira Sandal features a cushioned footbed and adjustable straps for a secure and comfortable fit.

Durable Construction

Constructed with high-quality materials, these sandals are built to withstand the rigors of kids’ play.

Versatile Style

Available in a variety of colors, the Mira Sandal can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Customer Reviews

“My daughter loves these sandals! They are so comfortable and easy for her to wear all day.” – Sarah M.