CNZ XY-2890 Corner Filter Air Driven Bio Sponge Up to 15 gallons 6-Pack

CNZ XY-2890 Corner Filter Air Driven Bio Sponge Up to 15 gallons, 6-Pack

The CNZ XY-2890 Corner Filter: A Must-Have for Small Aquariums

Are you looking for an efficient and affordable way to keep your small aquarium clean and healthy? Look no further than the CNZ XY-2890 Corner Filter Air Driven Bio Sponge. This innovative filter is designed to provide effective biological and mechanical filtration for aquariums up to 15 gallons, making it the perfect solution for small fish tanks and shrimp tanks.

Key Features

Compact Design

The corner filter is designed to fit neatly into the corner of your aquarium, maximizing space and ensuring efficient water flow.

Bio Sponge Filtration

The bio sponge provides a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive, helping to break down harmful ammonia and nitrite in the water.


The filter is powered by an air pump (not included), which creates gentle water movement and oxygenation without the need for an electric power source.


  • Cost-effective solution for small aquarium filtration
  • Promotes a healthy and stable aquatic environment
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Helps to prevent the build-up of harmful toxins in the water


Q: How often should I clean the bio sponge?

A: It is recommended to rinse the bio sponge in dechlorinated water every 2-4 weeks to remove debris and maintain optimal filtration.

Q: Can I use the corner filter in a saltwater aquarium?

A: Yes, the filter is suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


The CNZ XY-2890 Corner Filter Air Driven Bio Sponge is a reliable and efficient filtration solution for small aquariums. With its compact design, effective bio sponge filtration, and air-driven operation, it provides everything you need to keep your aquatic pets happy and healthy. Plus, with the convenience of a 6-pack, you’ll have plenty of filters on hand for regular maintenance. Say goodbye to cloudy water and harmful toxins – invest in the CNZ XY-2890 Corner Filter today!